Publication division is involved in publishing scientific reports, monographs, books, brochures related to various scientific activities/ programmes of the Council. Besides, these reports/books outputs from Council’s various sponsored project programmes are also evaluated /edited for publication. Publication of newsletter, Annual Report, Vigyan Manthan Yatra & Diary, YSC Abstract Volume is regular feature of the Division. Films on scientific activities are also produced.

Aims and Objectives:

  • Prepare and publish Newsletters.
  • To prepare and publish monographs/bulletins/books/articles etc. on activities of various divisions of the Council.
  • To produce documentary films on the activities of the Council and other science based fictions for popularization of science among masses.
  • To produce films/audio programmes on science fiction in local dialects for popularization in regional areas and broadcasting by Akashvani

Price List of Council Publications


Books/ Brochures/ Newsletters/ Bulletins






Films/ Audio CDs :

  • Vigyan Manthan Yatra
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Organic Farming
  • Science Popularization
  • Science & Technology for Socio-economic Development
  • Bat Vigyan Ni ( Audio on Bhili dialect)
  • MPCST at a Glance (Under Completion)