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Established in 1983, M. P. Library of Science & Technology is a major library of the state. Catering needs  of  students, teachers, researchers and general public in the field of Science & Technology and selected fields.
Besides latest Books, Journals, Periodicals in the library, a large volume of National/International journals, periodicals and books are also available in its archival.
The library services are automated with “e-Granthalaya” (WEB-OPAC) software linked to Council’s website for direct access/search of books/references in library at readers destination. On-line Journals facility IESTE through DelNet, New Delhi Consortia is also available fo more than 1200 engineering, science and technology journals.
Important books and publications are also available for sale and distribution in the library. Library is open for readers on all working days/hours except holidays.



  • Online Public Access Cataloque through WEBOPAC.
  • Available one Database Server with 5 Clint nodes for database maintenance and Online Searches.
  • The library services have been automated with the software named “e-Granthalaya”. It is a menu driven, interactive, user-friendly package, designed with utmost care to meet the researchers/students’ information needs, such as the availability of books, status of the books, user details etc.
  • Available more than 8000 books in Science & Technology subjects.
  • More than 7600 back volumes of International and National Journals are available in library.
  • 70 National Journals are being subscribed in the library.
  • More than 1100 e-Journals through IESTC package are available.
  • Available On-line Journal of Indian Society of Remote Sensing .
  • Online search facility of DelNET, New Delhi e-Consortia is also available since 2008.
  • Sales and distribution of Council’s Publication.


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Current Arrivals




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Prasad, Laxman

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Price list of Councils Publication

Price List of Council Publications