Land Use & Urban Survey

Our multiplying population is faced with the immense challenges of apportioning the limited lands for a variety of lands are not equally resourceful; some are good and some are wasted. Moreover, unplanned growth had unprecedented pressure on urban and rural systems including wetlands. Remote sensing has helped in analyzing these problems at root level and helpful in suggesting remedial measures.

Rapid and unplanned urbanization results in economic development on one side but also causes unguided expansion city and created problems of infrastructure planning and management. The details provided by high-resolution satellite data are ideal for mapping/updating the base maps of a city, which is a potent tool for guiding urban development activity. The division having all facility for data analysis.

Several studies have been undertaken by Landuse & Urban Surveys Division of Remote Sensing Applications Centre (MPCST) in the area of Landuse & Urban Planning and Wetland Management.


  • The division provides the data to Govt. Agency (Central & State), Govt. Undertakings, NGO’s and Universities and Collages.
  • Mapping & Monitoring in following fields:-
    • Landuse/Landcover & Wasteland Inventories
    • Monitoring of Wastelands & Landuse/Landcover Change
    • Regional Planning
    • Zoning for Industries
    • Master Plan Preparation
    • Revenue Application Based on Khasra
    • Real Time Property Survey
    • Utility Mapping – Road alignment
    • Tourism



  1. World Heritage Bhimbetka
  2. NRC Landuse Mapping
  3. National Wasteland Updation Mission-06
  4. Sardar Sarover Submergence Corridor Mapping
  5. National Wasteland Change Analysis (NWCA) 2009


  1. National Urban Information System (NUIS) : M.P

    Towns Covered Under Nuis : Dewas, Satna, Ujjain, Sagar, Jabalpur & Gwalior

    • Creating a database at Urban Local Body level for monitoring and management of at least relevant functions enlisted in the 12th schedule of 74th CAA.
    • Use modern data sources such as Satellite and Aerial platforms to generate a comprehensive 3-tier GIS database in the scale of 1:10,000 for Master Plan and 1: 2,000 for detailed town planning Schemes and 1:1000 for Utilities planning.
    • Enabling preparation of Master/ Zonal plans. (Images Slide1, Slide2)
  2. National Urban Information System (NUIS) : M.P.

    • Creating a database at 1: 10,000 scale for preparation of master Plan for Urban Local Body.
    • Based on Geospatial technology such i.e Satellite and GPS to generate a comprehensive GIS data in 1:10,000 for Master Plan preparation of Rajkot Town of Gujarat.
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  3. Bina Petrochemical Regional Plan

    • Allocation of land to such purposes as residential, industrial, agricultural or as forest or for mineral exploitation.
    • Reservation of open spaces for recreational purposes, gardens, tree belts and animal sanctuaries;
    • Access or development of transport and communication facilities such as roads, railways, water ways and the location and development of airports;
    • Requirements and suggestions for development of public utilities such as water supply, drainage, and electricity.
    • Allocation of areas to be developed as “special areas” wherein new towns, township large industrial estates or any other type of large development projects are established.
    • Land-scaping and the preservation of areas in their natural state;
    • Measures relating to the prevention of erosion, including rejuvenation of forest area;
    • Proposals relating to irrigation, water supply or flood control works.
    • A note on the role being assigned to the different departments of Government, the Town & Country Development Authorities, the Special Area Development Authorities and the local authorities in the enforcement and implementation of the draft plan.
    • The region consists Sagar, Guna, Ashoknagar, Vidisha district of M.P forming Bina Patrochemical Region. The region is important due to station of Bharat-Oman refinery and J.K Power Plan at Bina.
    • The Draft plan is completed and uploads on
      (Images Slide4, Slide5)
  4. Bhopal Capital Regional Plan

    • The objectives of the projects is to map natural resources and socio economic profile of the region covering Bhopal, Raisen, Sehore, Shajapur and Rajgarh district of MP, which form Bhopal Capital Region as define in the Nagar tatha Gram Nivesh Adiniyan 1973.
    • Total 32 spatial and non-spatial layers are generated for the purpose of allocation of land to such purposes as residential, industrial, agricultural or as forest or for mineral exploitation.
    • Proposal for development of transport such as roads, railways, water ways will be incorporated as per the need of the region.
    • The draft plan will be targeted to publish by march 2013.
    • (Images Slide6, Slide7)

  5. Wasteland Change and Monitoring

    • Wasteland of Madhya Pradesh is regularly monitoring since 1996 based on American Landsat satellite data of 1989-90. Since than after lunching of IRS satellite by India wastelands were regularly monitored.
    • 1996 visually interpreted data was converted into digital from in 2003.
    • The wasteland of the state in terms of change mapped in 2003, 2006 and 2009. The data in the form of maps, statistic and atlas is available for the users.
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  6. National Recourses Census (NRC) Landuse/Landcover Mapping on 50K (Ist & IInd Cycle)

    • Natural Resources Repository (NRR) has three components: data generation, database organization and spatial data services.
    • Data generation is address through natural resources census for periodic inventory of 7 different themes on 50 K scale. Landuse/Landcover is one of the theme to monitor.
    • Objectives of the project to generate landuse/landcover map on 2005-06 covering three season satellite data. The data is available in the form of Atlas and Pdf file.
    • The 2005-06 data is under updation using three season satellite data of IRC-P6 for the year 2011-12. The project is expected to complete by November 2013.
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  7. Halon & Upper Narmada Irrigation Project

    • Halon irrigation project is proposed near 16 Km from tehsil HQ Bicchiya on Halon river in Mandla district.
    • 17 villages of Mandla and Balaghat district will be submerged.
    • Upper Narmada is proposed on river Narmada at Village Shobhapur 29 km form district HQ Dindori.
    • Real time assessment of revenue and properties of the submergence area is possible using high resolution World-view data (0.50 Cm). The properties survey is based on the satellite data by superimposing updated Khasra maps to map the property on each parcel of land to facilited local bodies to decide compensation to the affected person.
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  8. Tourism Development : Madai Zone

    • The Objective is to allign Sohagpur – Madai road for the development of tourism in Madai which is southern part of Pachmadi Biosphere Reserve.
    • High resolution WV-02 data and GPS were using to plot way point within the interval of 200mt.
    • These points than plot on 1:4000 geo-reference Khasra to plot road from Shohagpur to Madai.
    • The align road was demarcated on Khasra by the concern circle for verification and after verification opted for Master Plan of Madai.
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  9. Village Boundary & Habitat Mapping Using Geo-special Technology

    • RS&GIS Applications Area provides end-to-end solutions for utilization of data for natural resource management, geospatial applications and information services.
    • Geo database creation at village level as well as village habitat mapping is useful for state planning and monitoring.
    • To bring cadastral maps on define coordinate system by Geo-referencing with high resolution satellite images taking ground control points of cadastral with reference to the same point on satellite data and validate with limited ground survey.
    • Habitat concentration which include primary habitat and tola’s within each village will be delineated using satellite data.
    • The village map created using high resolution Cartosat data and Khasra map will have positioned accuracy of ± 10 meters.
    • The database if created using QB/WV(1m & 0.6m) data the accuracy level will be <1m.
    • The village boundary created using khasra maps will be useful for village level application in web based GIS.
    • The existing Cartosat-1 satellite data will be used for the proposed work.
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  10. Master Plan Mapping Project

    • Urban centre’s have enormous potential for development. The planning limits of the urban centre defined as per the act provision under 13 (1). Surveys were carried out for exiting landuse and transport network and various other population parameters to consider the growth of the cities.
    • Shivpuri, Damoh , Bhandavgarh , Nagda , Bhedaghat ,Sausar, Sendwa, Pithampur, Budni, Vidisha town were taken under Master Plan mapping of 10 towns of M.P. Budni master Plan could not be published due to planning area notification.
    • Bina & Amla were prepared under Bina & Amla master Plan project
    • Singrauli , Sagar , Dewas , Chhindwara , Khandwa ,Shahdol,Neemuch, Betul, Hoshangabad, Shujalpur,Gohad, Raghogarh towns are taken up under Master Plan Phase-II Project.
    • The objective of the master plan is to broadly indicate the landuse proposed in the planning area and allocate the land for residential, industrial, commercial and agriculture purpose.
    • Open spaces parks, Gardens green belts, public institution and office, general landscaping and preservation of natural areas, regulation for zoning by way of guidelines.
    • Propose traffic circulation pattern for the planning area.
    • Indicate measures for flood control, prevention of air & water pollution disposal of garbage and general environmental controls.
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On the occasion of India Geospatial Forum 2012, Geospatial Media and Communication awarded State of Madhya Pradesh as Geospatial State 2012 during award function held at Gurgaon on 7th Feb 2012. A citation and Trophy received on behalf of MPCST.