General Administration

General Administration

Broadly MPCST general administration includes administration, establishment, construction work, audit and finance sections. The Council has decentralised the administration, besides bring in more officers in this section.


To ensure adequate administrative support and directions for management of the diverse programmes being run by the Council.


Organisational Structure


Publication division is involved in publishing scientific reports, monographs, books, brochures related to various scientific activities/ programmes of the Council. Besides, these reports/books outputs from Council’s various sponsored project programmes are also evaluated /edited for publication. Publication of newsletter, Annual Report, Vigyan Manthan Yatra & Diary, YSC Abstract Volume is regular feature of the Division. Films on scientific activities are also produced.

Aims and Objectives:

  • Prepare and publish Newsletters.
  • To prepare and publish monographs/bulletins/books/articles etc. on activities of various divisions of the Council.
  • To produce documentary films on the activities of the Council and other science based fictions for popularization of science among masses.
  • To produce films/audio programmes on science fiction in local dialects for popularization in regional areas and broadcasting by Akashvani

Price List of Council Publications


Books/ Brochures/ Newsletters/ Bulletins






Films/ Audio CDs :

  • Vigyan Manthan Yatra
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Organic Farming
  • Science Popularization
  • Science & Technology for Socio-economic Development
  • Bat Vigyan Ni ( Audio on Bhili dialect)
  • MPCST at a Glance (Under Completion)

Public Relation

Public relation (PR) of any scientific Institution is an important component and plays a significant role in publicity of various scientific programmes, plans, activities and related events. PR division of MPCST functions as a channel between the different government departments and the people of the state for flow and exchange of scientific and allied information. PR division highlights the Council activities and various programmes through newspaper, electronic media and TV through out the state and national level also. A live relation is also maintained with state level institution as well as national institution to co-ordinate various programme and activities being carried out in these institutions.


  • To publicize scientific programmes/breakthrough/activities of the Council.
  • To promote / popularize all the programmes and spread scientific temper among the people of the state.
  • To develop and sustain good relation with media.
  • To built and enhance Council’s image among public domain.


  • Release of scientific programmes/activities organized by the various divisions of the Council to press for publication is newspapers and radio / television channels for broadcasting.
  • To organize press conference for media persons to inform about Council’s breakthrough/achievement.
  • Publication of advertisement, tender, expression of interest etc. in newspapers.
  • To establish and sustain good relationship with other scientific organization and government department of the central and state.
  • Production of audio-visual programmes for the purpose of science popularization.
  • To assist in extending mutual cooperation and exchange of scientific programmes with central government, state government departments and other state councils.

Human Resource & Skill Development Program

Human Resource Development is one of the major factors of any organization to cope up with the latest technological development for improving the functioning and quality of working and to tune the employees from time to time. To achieve this, various functional components of any organization with respect to administrative, scientific and technological aspects are to be kept up dated. This requires time to time training on personality development, latest scientific knowledge and acquaintance with the real time technological development etc. in relation to the structure of an organization. The Council has scientific, technical and administrative setup to deal with various programmes . Looking to the component, the HRD is committed to coordinate at state/national and in some cases international level training Institutes/Organisations to keep staff of the Council up dated and to send them for training. Apart from this, in house training is also being organized. The training is given by national experts to enhance the skill and working efficiency of the staff.


  • To assist in proper planning, development and management of human resource of Council.
  • Exposure to latest technical research in science and technology.
  • To enhance capability and skill.
  • Enhancing quality of work culture resulting in speedy work.
  • To develop human resource in the field of science and technology
  • Responsibility of management and co-ordination of programmes related to human resource development in Council projects.
  • Development of knowledge and skill in Madhya Pradesh.


  • To organize official work and financial related training for scientists/officers and supporting staff of the council.
  • Presentation of research work by distinguished technical subject expert before officers/scientists.
  • Presentation of research and development (R &D) activities by the Council’s scientist.
  • To ensure the utilization of the available meritorious staff of the council.
  • To set up international level virtual classroom for organizing training programmes. Also this classroom is having latest equipment like electronic board, electronic panel, projection system etc. It would be linked to all regional extension centers through video conference facility shortly.
  • Training related to scientific awareness.
  • Skill development related training at the rural level.
  • To organize S&T research training programme for different government department.
  • To prepare a plan/calendar of various training programmers of the council.

Skill Development Program at MPCST

Government of India has a target to prepare the 50 million technically trained manpower in the 11th Five Year Plan under National Policy on Skill Development by the year 2022. To meet this goal, the state government's role is vital. To meet national skills development policy objectives at the national level headed by the Prime Minister in the National Skill Development Council has been established as the apex institution and has been registered as the non - profit company to promote skills development under the supevision of Vice Chairman of Planning Commission of the National Skill Development Corporation. To implement the scheme successfully in state Madhya Pradesh Govt. has established a separate Department named as Madhya Pradesh Council of Vocational Education and Training under Technical Education and Training Department of GoMP. Apart from the dept of Technical Education and Training, 25 other department are participating from govt. of Madhya Pradesh in which Dept. of Science and Technology is one of them and MPCST is implementing scheme on behalf of S&T Department.

Skill Development Activities

The following areas of training programmes have been organised under Skill Development Scheme by M.P. Council of Science & Technology (Department of Science & Technology), Bhopal during 2012-13

  1. Remote Sensing & Allied : The following areas are covered in the training programme organised under this specialization for students preferably Under Graduates in Allied area and Government Officials of PHED, PWD etc:
    • Basics of Remote Sensing,
    • Geographical Information System
    • Geographical Position System
    • Geospatial Technology
    • Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
    • Site Identification for various purposes
  2. Biotechnology & Tissue Culture: In this specialization UG Students, Research Scholars, Faculties of Colleges/Universities are benefited by various training programmes organised on following topics:
    • Molecular Biology
    • DNA Finger Printing
    • DNA Sequencing
    • Microbial Technology
    • Polymerized Chain Reaction
    • Animal & Plant Tissue Culture 
  3. Quality Assurance Training Program: Various specialized instruments are available in the Lab, to organise the training programmes on these topics for UG, PG Students:
    • High performance thin layer chromatography
    • Water Quality Testing
    • Soil Quality Testing
    • Advance Instrumentation & related areas.
  4. Training Program for Artisans & Farmers: MPCST, Bhopal is organizing training programs for artisans of different trades and farmers especially for SC, ST, Backward Classes, Women and developing various clusters:
    • Organic Farming
    • Vermicomposting
    • Mushroom Cultivation
    • Silk Culture
    • Lakh Culture
    • Bee Keeping
    • Bamboo Products Making
    • Jute Products Making
    • Leather Goods
    • Pottery etc.
  5. Training by Distance Learning: Various scientific programmes are organised via Distance Learning through Satellite Communication (VSAT) from Vigyan Prasar, DST, GOI & IIRS, DOS, Dehradun.

Eligibility for Programme

Eligibility for various skill development programme:

1. Recent Advances in Microbial Technology M.Sc., M.Tech., M.Pharma
2. Applications of DNA Fingerprinting in Conservation Biology M.Sc., M.Tech., M.Pharma
3. Applications of DNA Fingerprinting in Conservation Biology M.Sc., M.Tech., M.Pharma
4. HPTLC based Qualitative & Quantitative Estimation of Secondary Metabolites in Plants M.Sc., M.Tech., M.Pharma
5. Advanced Instrumental Methods Training Programme Post Graduate
6. Water Quality Monitoring Methods Graduation & above
7. Disaster Management Higher Secondary and above
8. Basics of Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS Graduation and above
9. Short Term Training Program on Polymerase Chain Reaction M.Sc., M.Tech., M.Pharma
10. Training Program on Microbiology Technology M.Sc., M.Tech., M.Pharma
11. Leather Footwear & Sports Shoes Makers – LEA106 5th pass
12. Molecular Techniques in Species Identification, Biodiversity Conservation & Phylogenetics Faculty
13. UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Instrumental Component & Principle of the Operation for Characterizations UG, PG
14. Geo-web Service Technology & Applications UG
15. Hands on training Program on molecular biology techniques College University Faculties
16. Organic Farming for Biodiversity conservation No Bar
17. Self Employment Course for Mushroom Cultivation No Bar
18. Advanced Instrumentation Methods Faculty, R /S, M.Sc., M. Ph, M.Tech and B.Tech
19. High performance thin layer chromatography M.Sc., M.Tech., M.Pharma
20 Leather Footwear & Sports Shoes Makers – LEA106 5th pass

Regional Extension Centres

This centre organizes programmes and activities on regional level especially on health, education, environment, self employment and area specific problems and submit recommendations to concerned Govt. Development Departments. Presently, Centres are established at Divisions Indore, Jabalpur, Gwalior, rewa, Alirajpur and Shahdol. These Centres are also engaged in popularization and R&D activities of the Council through Universities

M.P Library of S & T


Established in 1983, M. P. Library of Science & Technology is a major library of the state. Catering needs  of  students, teachers, researchers and general public in the field of Science & Technology and selected fields.
Besides latest Books, Journals, Periodicals in the library, a large volume of National/International journals, periodicals and books are also available in its archival.
The library services are automated with “e-Granthalaya” (WEB-OPAC) software linked to Council’s website for direct access/search of books/references in library at readers destination. On-line Journals facility IESTE through DelNet, New Delhi Consortia is also available fo more than 1200 engineering, science and technology journals.
Important books and publications are also available for sale and distribution in the library. Library is open for readers on all working days/hours except holidays.



  • Online Public Access Cataloque through WEBOPAC.
  • Available one Database Server with 5 Clint nodes for database maintenance and Online Searches.
  • The library services have been automated with the software named “e-Granthalaya”. It is a menu driven, interactive, user-friendly package, designed with utmost care to meet the researchers/students’ information needs, such as the availability of books, status of the books, user details etc.
  • Available more than 8000 books in Science & Technology subjects.
  • More than 7600 back volumes of International and National Journals are available in library.
  • 70 National Journals are being subscribed in the library.
  • More than 1100 e-Journals through IESTC package are available.
  • Available On-line Journal of Indian Society of Remote Sensing .
  • Online search facility of DelNET, New Delhi e-Consortia is also available since 2008.
  • Sales and distribution of Council’s Publication.


Library Web OPAC


National Journals

National Journals-library



Current Arrivals

Current Arrivals




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Prasad, Laxman

Patenting in India : Policy, Procedure & Public Funding

Price list of Councils Publication

Price List of Council Publications

Healthy Practices & e-Governance

 MPCST is equipped with approximately 125 latest Desktops, 40 Laptops, 15 Servers, LAN with 100 access points, 40 Printers, 15 Multimedia equipments, DELNET Facilities at Library, About 50,000 e-transaction yearly, 4MBPS Lease Line base Internet Facilities, mpresourceatlas, mpssdi webGIS based under developing portals, official website, mpmissionexcellence, mpyoungscientist and mpcstopportunities portals etc. Any activities related with smooth working for above are supported by this section.MPCST is equipped with approximately 125 latest Desktops, 40 Laptops, 15 Servers, LAN with 100 access points, 40 Printers, 15 Multimedia equipments, DELNET Facilities at Library, About 50,000 e-transaction yearly, 4MBPS Lease Line base Internet Facilities, mpresourceatlas, mpssdi webGIS based under developing portals, official website, mpmissionexcellence, mpyoungscientist and mpcstopportunities portals etc. Any activities related with smooth working for above are supported by this section.


The objectives of the division is to provide smooth computational facilities to institute which includes:


  • Website development, updation & maintenance,
  • Computer hardware, Network and software maintenance support,
  • Technical support for hardware and software procurement.
  • Installation, debugging of specialized softwares.
  • E-procurement
  • E-transaction reporting
  • Updating departmental information to various govt. portal like cmsamiksha, cmdeceleration,  ideasforcm, samadhanonline,, mpemployment,e-transaction etc.
  • Multimedia equipments handling and maintenance support.
  • Technical Support related to Digitization and Online Reading Material of Library.
  • Other activities decided by time to timeObjectives