Rural Technology Application Center


Science & technology, Playing significant role for the Socio-economic upliftment of the rural society. Most of the population in state lives in villages and far-flung areas. Rural people especially tribal’s are highly rich in traditional knowledge. In view of this a step in this direction was taken by initiating Rural Technology Application Centre under the M.P. Council of Science & Technology. Now this centre is engaged in promoting Rural Technologies for the benefit of the Society in a Scientific manner.


The objectives of the centre are :

To identify, preserve and promote rural innovative brains and practices. To apply these for the benefit of society in a scientific manner. To integrate traditional and ancient technology and practices with modern scientific Knowledge base with an aim to provide value addition to age long traditions and practices. The emphasis would be on”action through participation”


  1. Workshop on “Prospects of Development by Scientist Former Reconciliation” was being held on 18 March 2012 in Tumda kheda village, District Raisen (M.P.).
  2. An agreement latter has been signed by the directors of MPCST & AMPRI Bhopal organization for working jointly on Tech village Scheme.
  3. Under the RuTAC scheme of Madhya Pradesh council of science technology Bhopal Karigar Congress 2012 program was held. In this programme 26 national experts & 212 artisans from Natural Fiber, Natural Colors, Black Smith, Bell Metal, Lakh, Leather Craft,& Pottery themes were invited . After the Inauguration session joint Technical session of all invited artisans and experts has been held On 17th sep 2012. After this Technical session of all invited artisans & expert of different-different themes were conducted separately On 18thsep.2012.