M.P. Council of Science and Technology has been doing considerable work in the field related to climate change since long, like crop forecasting, land degradation and soil carbon pool assessment, collection of biodiversity natural resources monitoring data etc. It is planned to study the climate change impact on water and forest. The Council has also developed Luminescence Dating facility under Climate Change Research Centre. Luminescence dating is a chronological method that has been used extensively in archaeology and the earth sciences. The information about climate change and environmental responses recorded in various sedimentary deposits. The method can be applied to wide range materials that contain quartz or similar minerals to establish ages of sediment layers.


  • To study long term behaviour on Aerosol Optical Thickness and Atmospheric Water Vapour under SAC, ISRO Project.
  • To study Climate Change Vulnerabilities at Taluka Level.
  • TL/OSL dating of archaeological and geo-archaeological artefacts and burial sediments.
  • To promote climate change research in the State.
  • Training/Capacity Building in the field of archeology, geoarchaeology, dating and paleoclimatic indicators.
  • To study the paleoclimatic indicators.  Linkage with national and international institutes.


Agriculural Monitoring

  •  Spectroradiometer
  •  Portable Photosynthesis System
  •  Leaf Area Index Meter
  •  Sunphotometer
  •  Quantum, Point Quantum Sensors & Data Lodger Luminescence Dating
  •  Thermoluminescence/Optically Stimulated Luminescence (TL/OSL) Reader
  •  Magnetic Separator
  •  Ball Mill Pulverizer
  •  Sieve Shaker
  •  Ultrasonic Cleaner
  •  Low Background Gamma Ray Spectrometer (High Purity Germanium Detector)