Science & Technology is playing significant role in the Socio-economic development of the rural society. Most of the population in state lives in villages and far-flung areas. Rural people especially tribal's are highly rich in traditional knowledge & practices that need to be upgraded, so for the advancement and essential up gradation through scientific innervations in tradition knowledge and practices a step in this direction was taken by initiating Rural Technology Application Centre under the M.P. Council of Science & Technology. Now the centre is engaged to promote & upgrade Rural Technology in the rural areas of state.


  • Identification, conservation, and promotion of innovative ideas and practices
  • Integration on traditional and ancient technology together with scientific knowledge and value addition.
  • Conducting training for self-employment generation on Bamboo, Leather, Pottery and Metal and other crafts theme.


  • Residential skill & Entrepreneurship development training program imparted on Leather shoes Designing & Making during 26th March to 25th May 2018.
  • 15 days skill development training program on Bamboo Product Development organized during 10-24 July 2018. Participant craft workers were selected from first phase on field training program organized in Mandla, Betul & Anuppur Districts.
  • 25 days Skill and Entrepreneurship development training program on Black Smith Product Making during 20th February to 16th March 2019. Program was jointly organized by MPCST Bhopal & TRIFED Bhopal.
  • 8th M.P. KARIGAR VIGYAN CONGRESS 2019 organized during 6th & 7th March 2019. In which 25 nation level experts along with 180 craft workers of Leather, Bamboo, and Metal and Pottery crafts theme has participated.
  • M O U signed between MPCST Bhopal and TRIFED Bhopal for the betterment of Iron, Bamboo, Bell Metal and lakh crafts artisans and the beneficiaries of food processing.
  • M O U signed between MPCST Bhopal and CEDMAP Bhopal to work together on skill and entrepreneurship development in the identified areas of Madhya Pradesh.