Biotechnology is one of the fastest growing multi-disciplinary branches of science. The past couple of decades have witnessed a “Biotechnology Boom” worldwide in the form of development of a wide range of new products including antibiotics, recombinant and synthetics vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, microbial proteins, recombinant hormones and development of valuable transgenic and cloned animals. Genetic engineering and Human Genome project, propelled by Bioinformatics has opened new vistas of Genomics, Proteomics & Pharmaco-genomics research for healthcare, involving Gene Therapy and Stem Cell research. Looking at the tremendous importance of biotechnology for sustainable use and its wide application in biosciences, medical sciences and other fields, a Centre of Excellence in Biotechnology (CEBT) has been established at the MPCST in 2008. The laboratory is well equipped and is also ISO (9001:2008) certified.