Centre of Excellence in Biotechnology

Brief Introduction

Biotechnology is one of the fastest growing multi-disciplinary branches of science. The past couple of decades have witnessed a “Biotechnology Boom” worldwide in the form of development of a wide range of new products including antibiotics, recombinant and synthetic vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, microbial proteins, recombinant hormones and development of valuable transgenic and cloned animals. Genetic engineering and Human Genome project, propelled by Bioinformatics has opened new vistas of Genomics, Proteomics & Pharmaco-genomics research for healthcare, involving Gene Therapy and Stem Cell research. Looking at the tremendous importance of biotechnology for sustainable use and its wide application in biosciences, medical sciences and other fields, a Centre of Excellence in Biotechnology (CEBT) has been established in 2008 at Vigyan Bhawan.


  • Human resource development programs for the teachers, students and researchers for their skill up-gradation.

  • To develop and promote R&D projects for application of biotechnology for ensuring sustainable use of natural resources of the state.

  • To work for developing appropriate linkages and policies for promoting application of biotechnology in various sectors to ensure value addition and sustainable development of natural resources in the state.

  • Undertake R&D in various branches of biotechnology and its applications in different areas.

  • To explore the natural resources of Madhya Pradesh, their conservation and management for the benefit of human health and society with the application of biotechnology, and also for the future prospects,

  • To promote Research and Development on all aspects of molecular biology, leading to improvements in agriculture, healthcare and the environment and also with development of molecular markers for authentication of plants, animals and microbes and its quality control with the limited facilities available in the Madhya Pradesh.

Major Thrust areas for R&D at CEBT

  • Agro-biotechnology including animal husbandry and veterinary science.

  • Biotechnology for processing and value addition of agro & forestry based products and other natural resources of M.P.

  • Biotechnology interventions in organic cultivation based products.

  • Biotechnology for diagnostics, pharma, healthcare and drinking water.

  • Bio-energy and biotechnology based industries.

  • Biotechnology for environment management.

R&D & Academic Programmes

  • Dissertation & project work to B. Tech., M. Tech. M.Sc., M.Phil. and Ph.D. students.

  • Training programs on Molecular Biology, Microbiology and HPTLC for 3-7 days.

  • Analyses facilities to the researchers working in the area of biotechnology/applied research.

Laboratory Facilities

Testing Facility & Their Rates

  • DNA Sequencing Rs. 400/- per samples for R&D samples.

  • Bacterial load in water samples @ Rs. 100 /- per sample.

  • Soil, herbal drugs & cosmetic samples (bacterial & fungal load) @ Rs. 175 /- per sample.

  • Antimicrobial testing @ Rs. 35/- per sample/ per organism.

  • Photo microscopy @ Rs. 30 /- per slide.

  • Microbial fermentation study @ Rs. 4000/- per strain/enzyme or product.

  • Lyophilization of microbial cultures Rs. 150/- per vialpreparation.

  • RAPD-PCR molecular work (plants, bacterial, fungal and animals) Rs. 4000/- per seven samples with 4 RAPD primers.

  • Karyotyping analysis (Rs. 1,000/-per species, photography extra @Rs. 30/- snap).

  • HPTLC analysis of commercial samples (@Rs. 4500/- for 10 samples) & agriculture farmers/R&D samples (Rs. 2500/- for 10 samples).

Major Equipments available in Biotechnology Laboratory

High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (CAMAG, Switzerland), DNA Sequencer (Applied Biosystems, USA), Fluorescence Microscope (Carl Zeiss, Germany), Thermal Cyclers (Eppendorf, Germany & Corbett research, Australia), Deep Freezer -86 0C (New Brunswick, USA), Gel Documentation System (Alpha Innotech, USA), CO2 incubator (Scientech, India), Bacteriological Incubator (Labotech, India), Laminar Air Flow (Elite, India), Binocular Microscope (Galen, Leica, Germany), Inverted Microscope (Olympus, India), Phase Contrast Microscope (Magnus, India), Lyophilizer (Delvac, India), UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (Elico, India), ELISA (Tecan, Switzerland), Centrifuge (Beckman, U.S.A), Dry Bath (Genei, India), pH meter (Metrohm, Germany), Centrifuge (MPW, Poland), Refrigerated Incubator Shaker (USA), Laminar Flow Bench (Scientech, India), Milli-Q Water Purification (Millipore, India).

Future Plans

  • Whole genome sequencing/next generation sequencing of selected animals of the Madhya Pradesh.

  • Establishment of gene bank for endangered species of Madhya Pradesh conservation purposes special reference to conservation priorities.

  • Pharmacological studies of selected medicinal plants and their toxicity studies.

  • Conservation genetics and molecular identification of micro-organisms, plants and animals using various molecular tools.

  • Rapid propagation of high yielding plant by plants tissue culture and their molecular profiling.

  • Preparation of microbial consortium for important microbes of the Madhya Pradesh from hot springs etc.

  • Establishment of Biotech Incubation Centre and Biotech Park in Madhya Pradesh.

  • Initial for support of Doctoral, Post-Doc Fellowships to the students of the state.

Current Assignments

  • Development of DNA barcodes using mtcox1, rbcl & matK genes and ITS regions for important species for authentication and identification of ambiguous samples.

  • Species identification, gene polymorphism studies using SCAR, RAPD,

  • Molecular characterization of selected animals, plants and microbial species of the state using variable and conserved gene profiling.

  • Healthcare studies of tribal populations of Madhya Pradesh using advance molecular approaches.

  • Preparation of microbial consortium and molecular studies of important microbes with reference to gene profiling.

  • Studies on genetic diversity and conservation of germplasm of economically important medicinal plants of Madhya Pradesh & Preparation of database of medicinal plants species.

  • HPTLC based characterization of selected medicinal plants of Madhya Pradesh and estimation of their medicinal properties.

Projects (Ongoing and completed)

  • “Development of SCAR-DNA Markers for Identification and Authentication of Mahseer Tor (declared as State Fish of Madhya Pradesh) and their Phylogenetic Position through MTCOX1 gene” and funded from DST-SERB, GOI, New Delhi.

  • Mapping of High Fluoride Concentration Areas and Prevalence of Dental Fluorosis among Primary and Secondary Schools Children’s of District Sheopur (A scheduled tribe district), Madhya Pradesh” funded by DST-NRDMS, GOI, New Delhi.

  • “Development of DNA barcode database for identification and diversity assessment of economically important plants of Madhya Pradesh” and funded by DST-SERB, GOI, New Delhi.

  • “Establishment of Human Herbal Health Care Garden (HHHCG)” and funded by NMPB, GOI, New Delhi.

  • “Next Generation Sequencing (NGS): A Discussion Forum towards Whole Genome Sequencing and Library Preparation” for 3 days workshop and funded from DST-SERB, GOI, New Delhi. 

  • “Molecular cloning, DNA sequencing and Sequences Analyses” for 21 days refresher course organized from 15th September to 5th October, 2015 for universities and colleges facilities and funded from DBT, GOI, New Delhi.

  • “Exploration of Molecular Phylogeny and DNA Sequence Analyses for Taxonomy, Biological Diversity and Diseases Parental Association” for 3 days workshop organized from 26th to 28th June, 2014 and funded from DST-SERB, GOI, New Delhi. 

  • “Molecular Techniques in Species Identification Biodiversity conservation and Phylogenetics” for 21 days refresher course organized from 10th to 30th January, 2013 for universities/colleges facilities and funded from DBT, GOI, New Delhi.

Major Achievements

  • Completed three major research projects covering SCAR markers development, DNA barcoding and polymorphisms of animals and plants and their conservation.

  • Centre has developed a Human Herbal Health Care Garden in Vigyan Bhawan, Nehru Nagar, Bhopal with financial support of NMPB, New Delhi.

  • Development DNA based SCAR markers for identification of important animals and plants species.

  • More than 20 research papers on has been published in National and International reputed journals.

  • Over 50 animals and plants species has BARCODED using MTCOI, rbcl and matK genes for their identification and authentication.

  • Department has submitted more than 500 sequenced genes to GenBank of NCBI, USA for animals, plants and microbes.

  • Centre has supervised three Ph.D. students and more than 100 dissertation work/project works to the undergraduate, postgraduate and M.Phil. students.

  • Centre has organized two refresher courses on Molecular Phylogeny and Molecular cloning with the financial support of DBT, GOI, New Delhi.

  • More than 50 advanced training on Molecular Biology, Microbiology, HPTLC, DNA sequencing has been organized for students, researchers, faculties and scientists.