The Remote Sensing Application Centre of the Council is aware of the vast potential of the natural resources of the state and eager to develop a scientific system of monitoring and management of its resources. The Centre has Eight major divisions. Forestry & Environment is one of them. This division is engaged in projects related to forestry & environmental sciences.

During the recent past tropical forests of different bio-geographic provinces of India have witnessed severe anthropogenic pressure due to grazing, tourism, wildlife pouching, forests cutting and exploitation of medicinal and other minor forest produce which has threatened the existence of key wildlife species and its habitat. In view of this, concerted efforts are needed to develop rapidly using high-resolution satellite data, ground surveys and GIS. This will provide framework to policy makers for protection and formulation of Biosphere Reserve/Wildlife management plan for, wildlife and its habitat.

Forests are ecological as well as socio-economic resources. These have to be managed judiciously not only for environmental protection but also for various products & industrial raw materials. The judicious use & management of forest resources need to be based on the mapping & inventory of the forestry and environment.