The main objective of Water Resources Division of RSAC is the mapping of surface water and ground water resources and also for preparation of developmental action plans as per the need of user departments for conservation and artificial recharge of water resources in the state using Remote Sensing Techniques. Division also organizes training programmes and workshops on Remote Sensing and GIS in Water Resources Studies for Govt. officials of various line and user departments and also for faculty members and research students of various universities.


  • Watershed Prioritization in Narmada Catchment Area.

  • Groundwater Potential Zone Mapping on 1:2,50,000 scale for M. P.

  • Groundwater Potential Zone Mapping on 1:50,000 scale for M. P.

  • Scientific Source Finding for Groundwater Recharge and Conservation.

  • Watershed and Thematic Mapping on 1:2,50,000 scale for selected districts of M. P. under Rajiv Gandhi Mission for Watershed Management (RGMWM).

  • Preparation of Groundwater Prospects Maps on 1:50,000 scale for selected districts of M.P. under Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission (RGNDWM) Project.

  • Thematic Mapping and Digital Database Creation of Geology, Geomorphology, Structures etc. for command area of Indira Sagar and Omkareshwar projects of NVDA, Govt. of M.P.

  • Mapping of Hydro-geomorphology (Lithology, Geomorphology and Structure) on 1:50,000 scale for 502 sheets’ area under NRIS Programme.


  • Ground Water Quality Mapping for 36 districts of M.P. using Legacy data from PHED, GoMP using GIS on 1:50,000 scale.

  • To generate Wetlands’ Inventory and Assessment for M.P. on 1:25,000 scale under National Wetlands Inventory & Assessment-II (NWIA-II) Project.

  • Achievements:-

    1. Generation of geo-database pertaining to geology, geomorphology, structures, wetlands etc. for the entire state on 1:50,000 scale under the GIS environ.

    2.  Development of better understanding for the hydro-geological settings in the state in respect of available water resources in the region.

    (Dr. S.K.Pandey)

    Head, Ground Water Division