Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)

Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in todays world are known as the engine of economic growth. MSMEs play a vital role in the overall industrial economy of the country. As per Census of MSME Sector, this sector employs an estimated 59.7 million persons spread over 26.1 million enterprises, also MSME sector accounts for about 45% of the manufacturing output and around 40% of the total export of the country.

Ministry of MSMEs, Govt. of India has set up Intellectual Property Facilitation Center (IPFC) for MSME at Patent Information Center (PIC), M.P. Council of Science & Technology Bhopal under National Manufacturing Competitiveness Program (NMCP). The IP Facilitation Centre exclusively for MSME sector will facilitate the filing of Patents, Designs, Trademarks, Copyrights, Geographical Indications etc. from the MSME sector. The IP Facilitation Centre will guide MSME’s on technical, legal and financial support to students, professionals industrialists and inventors in patent search and other IP data bases.


  1. To identify the IP needs of the different clusters from MSME.
  2. To help them obtain the rights on their IP.
  3. To provide legal, technical and financial assistance to them for protecting their IP.
  4. To have meeting with cluster development executives from time to time.
  5. To conduct training programmes to MSME’s on the significance of protection of IP.
  6. To associate with MSME’s along with the experts and officials from Government Departments/Universities.

Who is benefitted by us


  • To improve existing technology to produce newer/better/cheaper products.
  • To find a ready solution to a technological problem.
  • To increase production and productivity.
  • To locate suppliers of equipments/materials.
  • To assess the state-of-the-art before initiating manufacturing projects.
  • To identify suitable technologies for adaptation /transfer.
  • To evaluate alternate technology for transfer.
  • To avoid possible infringement problems.
  • To locate areas of investment.

Financial Institutions:

  • To assess a technology/research project for financial support.
  • To monitor the viability and progress of aided projects.

Training and Awareness

  • Conduct training and sensitization programmes for the industries/clusters to create better understanding on various aspects and potential of IPR.
  • Disseminate information on success stories of MSMEs with respect to IPRs.

Services offered

  • To provide IPR awareness, training, protection, information & Advisory services.
  • To identify areas of IP services and providers for MSMEs.
  • To help in creation, management & protection of IP portfolio & successfully facing the challenges.