EduSAT Communication network is a new form of informal education with the help of Education Satellite (EduSAT) this satellite is fully dedicated for Educational purpose in our country. It is on 2004 September 20th the satellite was launched in space by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization).

SIT (Satellite Interactive Terminal) Bhopal is one of the centers of Vigyan Prasar EduSAT Network New Delhi. It intends to promote all types of education in our country and to convey education to the people of all walks of life. It also supports curriculum-based education, effective teachers training and community participation. Vigyan Prasar has established an EduSAT two way Audio – Video interactive communication network in association with Development and Educational Communication Unit (DECU) of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Ahmedabad. It is mainly proposed for science communication/ science popularization purpose and also for disaster management. Vigyan Prasar has a well-prepared studio for EduSAT Interactive Network. In this entire network, this studio is called as teaching end. Since ours network is a two way communication system, the subject experts or teachers who conduct classes from the teaching end can see and interact with the people or students who sit at each SITs.