M.P. Council of Science & Technology was established under MP Society Registration Act, 1973 in October, 1981. Apex body of the Council is General Body and Chief Minister is the President of General Body. There are 61 members consisting of ministers and secretaries if different state department and head of the departments of Water resources, PHE, PWD, Forest, Agriculture, Industry and Technical education. In addition, 4 vice-chancellors from universities, eminent Scientist in science, Sociology and Medical sciences are nominated as member by the president. Representatives from national level research organization are also nominated. The second important body is Executive Committee and Chairman is Minister of Science & Technology Department. The Committee consists of 13 members, comprising of MLA, educationist, scientist and principal secretaries etc.

The main objective of the Council is :-

  • To identify area in which Science and Technology can be utilized for achieving the socio-economic objectives of the State and in particular the objectives of tackling the problems of backwardness, unemployment and poverty in the rural areas and among the under-privileged sections of society such as Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Landless Labour, Artisans, Small and Marginal Farmers and Women.
  • To advice Government on policies and measures necessary to promote utilization of Science and Technology for achievement of the said Socio-economic objectives.
  • To initiate, support, promote and co-ordinate such research and development projects to the achievement of specific objectives and problems and assist in the fruitful exploitation of the natural resources of the state through various institutions and organizations in the state.
  • To establish or assist in the establishment of infrastructure ( Institutions, Organizations etc.) necessary to science and technology to further the development efforts of the state.
  • To set up and manage documentation centres/library.
  • To prepare or assist in the preparation of Science and Technology plans and formulate research and development programmes; approve such programmes if received from other institutions and finance and/or aid such projects by means of grants, loans, supply of materials, provision of experts etc.
  • To promote the popularization of science spread, scientific temper and attitude among the people of the state and disseminate scientific knowledge by means of pamphlets, brochures, journals, books, films activity kits etc. and to organize seminar, symposium and conferences to promote science and technology.
  • To supplement the activities of the State Government in the field of Science & Technology.
  • To interact with other State Councils and National Science & Technology bodies with similar or related objectives.
  • To take any other steps which are relevant to the application of Science and Technology to the problems of the State and to promote education in Science & Technology.
  • To institute prizes and awards for meritorious research and development work in Science and Technology.
  • Generally to take all such measures with the approval of the Council as are likely to accelerate the process of modernization in Madhya Pradesh through the use of Science and Technology inputs.

Besides these objectives/activities Council also advice government on policies and measures necessary to promote S&T for the achievement of socio-economic objectives of the state and supplement the activities of State Government in the field of S&T. The Council has different divisions and sections viz. Research and Development, Biotechnology Applications Centre, Remote sensing Applications Centre, Patent and Technology Management Centre, Quality Assurance Laboratory etc.

The Council is an apex autonomous body under Science & Technology Deptt., Govt. of MP. The headquarter is located at Vigyan Bhawan, Nehru Nagar, Bhopal. The Executive Head of the Council is Director General, who is also ex-officio Scientific Advisor to Govt. of MP.