Various S & T based projects/programmers for rural areas are supported under this Category. Various technologies available in scientific institutions are transferred through Govt. organization/non govt. organizations/field groups in the rural areas for skill development and economic upliftment. some of the technologies like briquette technology ,bamboo technology, low cost housing technology ,Post-harvest technology including low cost grain storage ,Preservation & processing ,Scientific cultivation of lac & honey ,technology for various aspects of organic farming ,Production of Natural dye ,technologies for various artisans groups ,eco-friendly technology are promoted for the state.

Upgradation of Traditional/Existing Technology

  • Opportunities and guidance are provided to upgrade rural technology and traditional technology. Information regarding availability of technologies in scientific institutions are also provided.

    Promotion of Non-conventional Energy Resources

    Use of eco-friendly chullah, production of fuel through agri-waste (briquette technology), Use and production of biogas are promoted.

    Promotion of Scientific Methods of Organic Farming

    Agriculture has been identified as a priority area. Various S & T based projects/programmes on post harvest technology, preparation & use of biofertiliser and biofuel, organic farming and other aspects will be promoted.

    Promotion of Eco-friendly Technology

    Programmes related with eco-friendly technology like preparation of idols with other products (Mati shilp) , Papier mache work , Use of paper bags instead of polythene ,Use of Natural dyes in various types of handicrafts are supported to spread message and create awareness to protect environment .

    Science &Technology for Women

    This programme is focused on women as specific target group. Council is trying to increase participation of women in scientific programmes and develop scientific attitude, among all categories of women. Self-employment and development of skill through training programmes , Seminar/Workshop/Camp, Training programme for skill development, R & D projects and Demonstration of Technology, are supported financially. Projects related with women friendly technology are promoted.programmes related with farm implements used by women to improve product and reduce drudgeryare supported.