• Scientists and their institutions are expected to keep track of development in areas related to patented inventions and inform PIC about possible exploitation and also violation of their patents.
  • For patentable inventions funded by a university/educational institution, applications for patents will be filed in the name of the university/educational institution with the concerned scientists(s) as inventors(s).
  • For patentable inventions funded by Central/State government agencies applications for patents will be decided by the terms and conditions mutually agreed between the funding agency and the research agency.
  • Requests for patent database search are entertained from scientists universities/educational institutions, government, industry and PSUs with a levy of nominal charges.
  • Queries on IPRs from inventors are quickly responded to.

An inventor should submit a brief write up regarding his/her invention along with keywords to the Patent Information Centre, M.P. Council of Science & Technology, to enable for its national & international search in order to establish the novelty and state-of-the-art of the invention.