Telemedicine is a mode of health delivery involving the transfer of medical information between distant locations with patients, physicians, other healthcare providers and medical institutions. It includes using telecommunications to link healthcare specialists with clinics, hospitals, primary physicians and patients in distant locations. For diagnosis’, treatment, consultation and continuing education. Thus, telemedicine that has abridged time and distance has made both time irrelevant and distance insignificant. Telemedicine is not a new form of medical treatment. Rather, it is a medium that helps deliver and manage medical care and prevention by taking advantage of information and telecommunications technology. A patient’s case history, records and reports are transferred miles, across for a second opinion. A live surgery can be conducted in the rural set up under supervision and guidance from the mentor/surgeon who would be viewing and providing consultation at same time from the city. Telemedicine system consists of customized medical software integrated with computer hardware, along with medical diagnostic instruments connected to the commercial VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) at each location.